Review Policy

For authors/publishers:
We would love to review your book on our blog. We accept to review all genres as long as they are middle grade or YA, YA being the preferred reading level. We also accept teaching textbooks and books for reading and teaching professional development. Books can be sent  as .pub or ebook as well. We accept review copies or ARCs from authors and publishers (either paper or Kindle and Nook format/compatible). We do not receive or accept any compensation for our reviews.  We will always note when we review a copy or ARC of a novel. If we review your book, and you do not want us to keep our review posted, feel free to email and ask us to remove it.

If you would like us to review a book that isn't YA, please tell us and we will review that book on our personal blogs. This blog is only for middle grade and YA books.

We are also happy to participate in giveaways, tours, interviews and original guest posts and we can do this as our individual selves (each of us of our own personal blogs) or as Teen Text Talk or a combination.

Please understand that we are English Language Arts teachers, so if you send us a self-published work it must be fully edited or we'll feel the need to get out the red pen and that will be reflected in our review.

We will try to review your book quickly, however we teach and read other types of books. We cannot promise you when your book will get reviewed, but we can promise that if we accept it, we will review it. We will also review all books we win in contest.

If you would like to have your book reviewed, please put BOOK REVIEW REQUEST in the title and email:

We do not sell ARCs ,ebooks or books that are sent to us for review, but may use them for giveaways (either on this blog or to our students) or trades. If this bothers you, please let us know.

Finally, please read our reviews to get an idea of how we will be reviewing your book. Please know that we will be putting parent advisories on your book and talking about how we can use your book in our classrooms. See below for more information.

Each review will address the following:

1] There will be a 1 to 5 star review (please see our Rating Systems for how these are interpreted). This is totally subjective. And, there may be more than one depending on how many of us have read the book.
2] We will address the typical problems that we see parents, teachers or administrators might have with a book being taught in a classroom. These are the facts of the book, as we see them, and we will try to be as unbiased in presenting these as possible. They include: Sex, Language, Substance Abuses and Violence and are rated on a 1-5 system that is explained in our Rating Systems section.
3] We will address the subjects in the books that parents, teachers and administrators might find difficult to respond to, we might gives suggestions on how to address these issues or we may just list them and describe how they are talked about in the book.
4] We will talk about how this book can be used and how we use it in our classroom. This may include links to lesson plans, textbooks or other concepts we think teachers, students and parents might find useful.

We share each review we write on our personal blogs (without the advisories and end comments), Goodreads (personal Goodreads accounts do not have the advisories and end comments as well), Twitter (personal and for this blog), this blog and will gladly honor requests from authors/publishers to post our reviews to other bookseller venues. Please tell us if you do not want us to do this.